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Jessica Chastain plays art muse for W Magazine's january 2013 issue

                  Just wanted to mark here on the blog that I loved the january issue of W magazine, which is themed as Art meets Fashion. Something we all love very very much and can't stop thinking and talking about, right? Art is one of my primary sources for inspiration, not just to be turned into fashion, but to be inspired in life and my daily life. Art fulfils the human soul. Fashion fulfils the human body (and most of the times human psychology, right?). Art is a most for any creative persona. I grew up with it in my house, dreaming of Monet fields during my childhood. Thanks Mom!
Ok, here are some pictures that caught my attention, from the main editorial of the issue, the one with Jessica Chastain, of course, beautiful as always, even with kilos of paint in her face.
Adored the cover composition that artist George Condo created. A great similarity to Picasso's muses! Remember this post I wrote about his muses in pictures and paintings? Chek it out here!

Did a little research on her other paitings, and loved the sense of humour. Love the colours as well.

Also really liked Chantal Joffe's depiction of the Tree of Life actress. So moody and interesting! Want a painting of myself like this!!

Amazing right? Check this two works, also from the same artist, really caught my eye!

Also in the magazine, they posted some photos of Chantal Joffe's studio, and it's like a dream for any set designer, stylist, artist... love it! I do enjoy a lot when they post 'behind the scene' photos... maked you feel such like an insider!

Hope you got really inspired by this post!

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Merry Christmas a la brazilian!

Merry Christmas to all, hope you enjoyed a lot your free time!
I dedicate this post to my beautiful and amazing grandmother, posting this lovely picture of me, her and my cousins, to remember our golden Christmas days. Please don't ask me what I was wearing. I was a diva since for ever! Hahahaha

December 1995

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So glad that the world didn't end

I love you world, and I love you life. Oh, and I love you people around me!
Let's enjoy every day and live to the fullest, because life is too short to be small.

Me in Ferrol, Galicia, Spain. Such an amazing place, I felt alive.

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In my mind and nails right now

Loooove this nail polish from Essie! Was crazy looking for it here in London, and the one that I found was from Nails Inc., exactly the same, but 11 POUNDS! COME ONE! Eleven! Eleven pounds for a nail polish, no way. I'm brazilian, I don't pay eleven pounds for nail polish. So I convinced myself to let it go. Three days later, I decide to do my nails (after almost 3 months of neglecting my poor hands), and I found a really similar one in my nail polish box! It has a little bit of glitter, but it still gives a similar effect and is super strong. Here is my version, from L.A. Colours (that if I'm not mistaken, was 99p):

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Internship at TANK MAGAZINE part 2

Continuing with my internship adventure...

In the first two weeks, they gave me a lot of responsibility, as you know already, and we shot the films for Because Magazine, Caroline Issa's online magazine, and that in my opinion has the best fashion films out there. Check the page: Because London
So, as you can imagine, I was going crazy looking for pieces and calling PR's, pulling everything I thought it could work with the themes we were going to film. After all the craziness, they asked me to assist on the day, and I was incredibly happy! We shot on a sunny saturday, from 9am to 9pm, a lot of hours, but it was totally worth it. Loved the experience of being in set and helping around with everything I could, from steaming clothes to buying lunch for everyone, or helping with looks and all. And it was the first time I was in a real shoot ever! Great team and great experience. I posted some pictures of the rail of clothes, prep and behind the scenes two posts ago, go and check it out.

After the shoot, there was returns... hummm... I don't really know if I love or hate returns. Sometimes, is one of the best things of the day, when is sunny and the city looks beautiful, and you go West to places like Knightsbridge, Mayfair or Chelsea, and everything looks so Enlgish and lovely. You stop for a frozen yogurt or to discover this amazing little shop with interesting things, you see beautiful well dressed people, and you get a lot of free samples around the streets (is crazy how many times I got free stuff!). It is also great to get to know PR's offices, and in-house PR's, like Chanel, Dior, Hermés (my favourite one, was super ultra elegant, without being pretentious)... Some pictures of the beautiful things I discovered on my adventures (sorry for the quality, my blackberry is not one of the bests):

My favourite hidden discovery, Eaton Square, in Knightsbridge

Cute houses in Chelsea

Tracey Emin neon lights in one of the PR's I went to

Amazing book by Charles Saatchi (one of the brothers from the Saatchi gallery), discovery in The Shop at Bluebird, in King's Road, Chelsea.

How I tried not to get lost

Lunch pit stop in Duke of York square, also in King's Road

Amazing embroidered metal door, belonging to a food market in Barbican area, east London.

Interesting street style

Cute windows in Notting Hill

Tracey Emin soaps at Liberty

Sunny London ready for the Olympics

Discovering cool galleries with amazing artists

Yayoi's Louis Vuitton window (it looked SO real, it was insane)

So you see? I had a pretty good time while doing some returns. But! Oh, there is the but.
In the other hand... the bad part of returns is really big and heavy bags, going around town, sweating like a pig (sorry, fashion people sweat as well, but don't smell), getting lost (and that I know how to do it very very well), having to do this ALL DAY and NON-STOP, paying for your own transportation (fashion internships are usually not paid), getting very very tired and wet (England = rain), and the biggest one: laziness.
Well, but I can say that I survived to all the returns that I did, and believe me, there was A LOT.
But we had fun. I had cool people around me and very very friendly colleagues, so my days were much better than average. We also received loads of clothes everyday, from Fendi to Stella McCartney, and we tried them on, took pictures... Here are some of them:

Received a Dior delivery with my name (miss spelled but still is for me!!)

Ear ring by Belmacz (discovered by me in my endless research for this still life on autumn 2012 issue of Tank)

Me and Izzy with Belmacz pieces

Fendi and Alberta Ferreti! Having fun with Izzy!

Soooo cozy!

And last but not least, Dolce & Gabanna headband! LOVE IT!

The down point of my internship? I will never tell. Sorry, can't go public some things, after all I'm kind of professional! But friends, YOU KNOW WHAT IT WAS!
After 2 months of a super amazing work placement, I was really happy to have stayed in London. I want to thank everyone that helped me get this job, from my friends to my tutors at university, and many many thanks to Ellen Jasper, to have given me this amazing opportunity!
Two weeks to finish my internship, I'm invited to assist a main story with photographer Tung Walsh and stylist Sasa Thomann for the next issue of Tank. And I was again super exited. No, I was ULTRA exited. Called my mom almost screaming! hahaha sorry mom.
And then, on the week after that, they asked me again to assist on another shoot, this time for O: by Tank, with the same team, for two days!
I was in the clouds!
Next post I tell you everything about it!

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Internship at TANK MAGAZINE part 1

Wanted to talk a little about my internship at Tank! I worked there for 2 months this past summer, and it was a really amazing experience.
My first day was funny. The office was a little empty, and I was the only intern around. I started helping out with some research, and after half and hour, I was told that Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist (OH MY GOD) was coming to the office to photograph Caroline Issa, my boss. I went mental, because The Sartorialist is the first blog I started following, ever. It has been my daily inspiration since I'm 14. And in my first day working in a fashion magazine, I was going to meet the creator of that blog! I was super exited.
So we (Olimpia) had to clean the office for his visit, and so I did it. The office was smelling like flowers, and we ordered some bouquets for the office. Later in that week, they putted in our table:

Flower for the interns!

Scott Shuman came and it was really surreal to see him, and Caroline, who I admired since she became notable in street style shots. I was in my place.
I enjoyed so much the day that the hours passed like minutes, and soon it was time to go home, but I didn't wanted to! I finally had the opportunity to experience what I wanted to do for life, and I didn't wanted to let it go. But I did go home at the end... hehe.
Here are some pictures and the video of Caroline shot by Scott, for J.Crew:

You can see my parka on the chair behind Caroline!!!

Caroline and Ellen

Caroline Issa, ultra elegant and beautiful, as always, in an amazing J.Crew neon sweater

And here is the video that they filmed in my first day! You can see me super ultra fast in 1:08, hehe!

Check out the page at J.Crew.com with Caroline's interview and more:

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Back to blogosfera reality

OMG... I should be embarrassed, but... I can't help it! Sorry!
I can't really believe that I haven't been here since summer! SUMMER! Soooo long ago. I don't even remember what hot weather is like (just for the record, I didn't experienced it in England, it was in Italy, during 9 glorious free days that I had of vacation on my 4 months uni break).
So much happened... first, my internship at Tank, which at the end was absolutely amazing. Got the chance to meet incredible professionals and to assist in amazing photoshoots.
Second, I moved out from my old room, continuing the tradition (or not) of new uni year, new house. Had to pack all my stuff in boxes and suitcases, to realise that I have loads of crap and too much of everything. Ended up donating a lot, and throwing away things I haven't even looked at for more than an year (to now realise that I actually need them... damn! That's why I keep everything!).
And third, beginning my last year of university. One word to describe my last 2 months: PANIC.
PANIC for the amount of things to do, PANIC for the responsibility that suddenly was given to me, PANIC for being afraid of everything, PANIC for not knowing where to start, PANIC for not having enough time, and PANIC for not knowing what to do.
But after all the panic, and coffees, I survived and finally have a little holiday break, and can stop thinking about fashion for a moment! Yay!
Yes, when you actually live and work for fashion, sometimes you start trying to avoid it. Just a little.
Ok, enough with the cheat chatting, this is not my personal diary. It is a blog. And as a fashion student and future fashion professional, I need to do this.
Don't get me wrong. I like blogging. I've been blogging since I was 14 years old. Before all this craziness. But then, it started being a phenomenon, and now everyone has a blog and is a blogger and has something to say about fashion. When it starts being like that, I lose my appetite. I don't wanna do it, and it becomes boring to me. I don't know... maybe I don't like doing what everyone is doing. Or I just don't think is even worth it. Whatever! It's midnight and I don't have time for this because tomorrow I have a 9 hour shift and have to sleep!
OK! Olimpia, focus!
In the last post, I showed one of the videos from Because, that I assisted for. Here are the other three videos we shot on that day. Hope you like it!

Margiela white and black (the white top was made of plastic tape... I taught it was the most weird fashion piece ever. Everyone in the office loved it, and I was like 'but is plastic tape!!!!!!!!', and I still don't understand.)

John Rocha Renaissance women (John Rocha dress, Missoni heels and Ottoman Hands earrings chosen by me!! I was so happy that all the pieces I pulled were used in one look!!)

Bombay dreams featuring Chanel (this look actually came at 2 p.m. on the day of the shoot, when we had started at 9 a.m.! We were like crazy calling Chanel! But finally we got it, and the video is one of my favourites! Was incredibly fun to do it! All the crew had loads of fun with the props. There is some pics at the end of this post from the making off.)

And some behind the scene pics:

The selected looks

Clothes pulled by me (amazing Missonis, Pringles, Marnis...)

Having fun with this amazing Erickson Beamon piece

Ayo preparing Ebba for her Bollywood fantasy

Some of the fun props he had for the Bollywood themed film

 We left some love to one of the editors!

Promise to come back soon with more about my internship at Tank, behind the scene pictures and sneak peaks of my new shoots!!

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Because Magazine fashion films!

So, here I am, finally! Sorry for totally disappearing, but I've been kind of busy. As some of you might know, I've started interning for TANK Magazine, an independent magazine here from London, with fashion director Caroline Issa, one of the most charming street style stars. And while interning at TANK (monday-friday, 9:30 to 18:30), I also continued my part-time job as a sales assistant, saturdays, sundays, and 3 times a week from 19:00 to 23:00. So, as you can imagine, I really didn't have anytime for myself, imagine for blogs.
But now I'm here, to share some of the collaborations I've done during this time! Because London is an online magazine supplement from TANK, and combines fashion, beauty, music, entertainment and art. Is fresh, young and creative, all with an amazing sense of humour.
In my first two weeks interning, I had the pleasure of helping in the production of 4 fashion films for the website. Here is one of them!! Sososo happy to be part of it! (And shhhh! don't tell, but I actually gave the idea of the Olympia Le-Tan bag, and it made the cut and it looks amazing with Stella McCartney's outfit!!!). Hope you like it!! (Sorry for not putting the video straight away here, but it stays really big!)


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Louis Vuitton Resort 2013 OMG REALLY?

                            I'm impressed. I'm just impressed. I absolutely love Louis Vuitton's new Resort collection. I would never believe I would say that, not that I have nothing against the brand, but it always seemed to... luxurious commercial for me, to much wanna be provider. But today I think I bite my tongue. The collection, designed by womenswear director Julie de Libran, was fresh, sweet, very chic and feminine. She mixed amazingly well that 60's style with the big skirts, jean suits and super high platforms from the 70's. Apparently she was inspired by Catherine Deneuve immensely. I'm very embarrassed to say that I never saw a movie with her, but I'll certainly do now! Ok, no more of this, and let's enjoy my favourite looks:

Photos from Style.com